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About ancient wellness

Our Ancient Vow

Ancient Wellness began with nature, like you.
Ancient Wellness uses wholesome and natural ingredients, for you.

Ancient Wellness is an All Natural herbal supplement company founded on beliefs that our bodies function best when in balance and harmony. A natural way to achieve this is by unlocking nature’s abundant healing powers and ancient wisdom to maintain a healthy and balanced body.

We utilize traditional Chinese methods passed down from generations of elite herbalists who formulated such special blends. Based on the Five-Element theory, along with natural herbal ingredients (no additives or chemicals), Ancient Wellness formulas help improve and promote individuals' overall health and vitality.

The Ancient Method

Ancient Wellness herbal formulas have no carriers, starch, or solvents added.

Most herbal powders in the market today claim to be highly concentrated. However, when the extraction liquid is processed through concentration and drying process, most manufacturers have to add starch or other excipients to stabilize concentrated herbal products. For those who have high blood pressure or are diabetic, starch in daily supplements may have an adverse effect on the body. Our herbal formulas have no carriers, starch, or solvents added.

Life can be chaotic and stressful which can take a toll on our health, but we believe that the body is our home and our sanctuary. Join us on our mission to help the body restore itself back to balance, health, and vitality.

All individual herbs in our proprietary blends have a Certificate of Analysis, which screens for heavy metals, bacteria, and pesticides.

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Ancient Wellness herbal formulas are proudly manufactured by Simpson Labs Labs, an FDA-regulated and NSF/GMP-certified facility dedicated to quality, innovative, and

eco-friendly supplement manufacturing. Visit their website at for more information.

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