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Bone & Joint Relief

We bring you Nature, it brings you Strength. Improve and maintain your bone and joint health today!

Enjoy in a 4oz. pouch with pure herbal powder or a

120 vegetable capsule bottle.

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Nasal & Sinus Relief

Help yourself to some fresh air. Relieve your allergy symptoms and breathe better naturally!

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Bone & Joint Wellness

Enter the era of Wellness and Shape. A healthy way to detox and cleanse with 5 effective ingredients! 

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Liver Wellness

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Cardiovascular Wellness

Optimized for Potency


"Carriers" are used to transform the herbs from a liquid form to a powder form via spray-drying. Our herbal blends do not use external carriers such as maltodextrin or starch. Instead, they are isolated soluble fibers from the raw material pulp post extraction, then spray dried onto the fibers isolated from the raw material. The extracts are 100% from the raw material itself. This technology allow us to not only deliver a product with higher efficacy, it also makes our formula cleaner as there are no external excipients. 


Our formula's other advantage includes co-extraction. Co-extraction formulation means that our herbal formula starts by brewing the ingredients together. This practice is traced back to our roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. For thousands of years, herbs are brewed together in a tea pot to maximize the potency of the herbal formula, instead of brewing the herbs individually. 

Water Extract Vs. Ethanol Extract

Ancient Wellness uses Full Spectrum Water Extraction rather than Ethanol Extraction to maximize the potency of our formulas. Ethanol extraction focuses on targeting a single phyto-compound. This process purifies, but does not extract fully, as it only targets selected phyto-compound and leaves out others. It changes the phyto-makeup of the raw materials completely, and turning it into a purified chemical. 


By using the Full Spectrum Water Extraction process, Ancient Wellness focuses on all the phyto-compounds in the raw material by extracting the whole thing, rather than selectively. This superior process preserves the entire photo-makeup of the raw material to achieve maximum potency. We firmly believe that the raw material has a phyto-makeup for a reason, and we don’t want to change that phyto-makeup. 

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