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We bring you Nature. 

It brings you Strength.

Ease Bone, Joint, & Muscle Discomfort and Pain.

Our Bone & Joint Relief (120 Capsules) is currently Out of Stock.

Try the more potent form in our 4 oz. pouch! 


100% All Natural

Supports Active Joint and Tissue Function

Ease Bone, Joint, and Muscle Discomfort and Pain

Helps Relieve Sciatic Pain

Benefits Symptoms of Gout

Aid in the Relief of Rheumatoid Arthritis

No Added Carriers or Solvents

10 : 1 Extraction Ratio 

No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

Only Contained in Vegetable Capsules

Strengthen your Bones & Joints with 16 powerful ingredients
The Pure Truth


Hacienda Heights, CA

I’ve always been very active and athletic. About a month ago, I sprained my back and suffered from pain and soreness persisting for about a month. I was having problems getting out of bed in the morning. I was introduced to Bone and Joint Relief by my wife, and the pain was gone after three days.


Hacienda Heights, CA

I fell and fractured my wrists. My doctor told me it would take about 2 months for my bones to regrow. After taking Bone & Joint Relief for 3 weeks, MRI results showed that my bones had grown 70%.


Taipei, Taiwan

At first I was a little skeptical but Ancient Wellness' Bone & Joint Relief cured my back shoulder blade pain that's been affecting my sleep for years. My dad took it for his knee pain and now already 90% recovered. Thank you Ancient Wellness!


Alhambra, CA

I fell down the stairs at home and injured my back. I also play badminton so I get sports injuries (knee, plantar fasciitis, elbow). After taking Bone & Joint Relief for one month, my back, knee, and elbow has great relief and can play badminton without pain.


Los Gatos, CA

I’ve had joint pain for many years. After I started taking Bone & Joint Relief for a few weeks, my pain has decreased and I am very hopeful that it will continue to diminish. 

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