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Help Yourself to some Fresh Air

Relieve your Allergies

Breathe Better.


100% All Natural

Helps Relieve Nasal and Sinus Congestion

Helps Relieve Symptoms of Sinusitis

Helps Clear Nasal Pathway 

Benefits Symptoms of Post Nasal Drip

No Added Carriers or Solvents

10 : 1 Extraction Ratio 

No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

Only Contained in Vegetable Capsules

Breathe Better Naturally with 14 relieving ingredients
The Pure Truth


Walnut Creek, CA

I have been taking Nasal & Sinus Relief for seasonal allergy relief and it helped stop all my symptoms like nasal congestion, headaches, and tearing for the past three years. I don't need sick days anymore from allergies. Doesn't even make me drowsy.


Hacienda Heights, CA

I was introduced to Nasal & Sinus Relief by a friend. I started taking it for 2 days and my runny nose stopped. Currently I have been without allergy symptoms for almost 3 weeks. 


San Francisco, CA

I became quite dependent on Western anti-allergy meds like Mucinex, Benadryl prior to Nasal & Sinus Relief. After the intended X amount of hours it always subsided and I would need to pop another pill. After I took Nasal & Sinus Relief for a month, my symptoms have been alleviated quite substantially. Even after I finished a bottle, my symptoms never came back. I'm honestly quite amazed. 

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