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Enter the Era of Wellness & Shape

Detox. Cleanse.

Support Healthy Digestion

Detox your Liver with 5 cleansing ingredients
- Moistens intestines
- Unblocks bowels
- Clears liver heat
- Benefits vision
- Reduces blood pressure and serum cholesterol
- Moves and regulates Qi
- Improves circulation and harmonizes blood
- Stimulates digestion
- Enhances mood
- Balances endocrine
- Promotes urination
- Drains dampness
- Strengthens spleen and stomach
- Quiets the heart
- Soothes nerves
- Tonifies Qi
- Nourishes Blood
- Calms the spirit
- Augments Qi
- Harmonizes other herbs
- Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic effects
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100% All Natural

Increase Metabolic Activity

Eliminate Waste and Toxins 

Support Healthy Stomach and Digestion

Detox and Cleanse the System

No Added Carriers or Solvents

10 : 1 Extraction Ratio 

No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

The Pure Truth


Orange, CA

This product is fantastic. My daughter and I use it in a tea and it not only helps with digestive issues it is also delicious.


San Marino, CA

I’ve been taking Wellness & Shape for 2-3 months. I drink it every morning shaken with honey and feel less bloated throughout the day. It has reduced my water retention and helped with my digestive system. I’ve had an ongoing rash/eczema skin condition for the past year and periodically used prescribed steroid creams to reduce redness and discomfort. The rashes healed and disappeared after taking Wellness & Shape for 2 months! Extra bonus detox benefit for me, Yay! Would definitely recommend this product for health benefits and assistance with staying in shape.


Anaheim, CA

The Wellness and Shape supplement is working great for both my parents! Only in about a week, my dad is already feeling lighter and mom is sleeping much better!

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