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Arthritis is characterized as the inflammation of the joints with pain, redness, and often times swelling, stiffness, and a decreased range of motion of the affected joints. Chinese medicine differentiates them into 4 common types, often having 2-3 types occurring simultaneously.

1. Cold type: a sharp stabbing fixed pain with an aversion to cold and coldness in the joints and extremities

Recommendations for food: garlic, pepper, black sesame, green onions, ginger, chicken, lamb, black beans, grapes, spicy foods

2. Wind type: pain that comes and goes and often changes in location (like the wind)

Recommendations for food: scallions, black beans, grains, leafy vegetables, grape vine and mulberry vine tea

3. Damp type: heaviness in the extremities, swelling, stiffness, a dull aching sensation

Recommendations for food: mung bean, pearl barley, millet, red beans, cornsilk tea

4. Heat type: red painful and swollen joints, hot sensation, acute onset

Recommendations for food: mung beans, cabbage, soybean sprouts, winter melon, fruits and vegetables, dandelion greens

Our Bone & Joint Relief is an amazing and effective All Natural herbal blend that helps relieve all kinds of arthritis. It supports active joint and tissue function while helping to maintain the overall health of your bones and joints. Arthritis has had a significant impact in recent years on individuals often limiting their mobility and creating severe psychological distress. Traditional Chinese herbs can be a great benefit in promoting circulation, cleaning out the joints, and getting the desired pain relief. Help yourself and/or your loved ones. Your body and your loved ones will thank you.

Souce: MaoShing Ni with Cathy NcNease. The Tao Of Nutrition Santa Monica, California: SevenStar Communications, 1987

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