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Springtime - Ginger & Red Date Tea


Spring is officially here! Try this delicious and healthy herbal tea during the first week of spring to help boost immunity and strengthen your body's vital energy.

Brew fresh ginger + red dates (jujubes) together and let the tea simmer for 25 min. Add brown sugar near the end.

Spring equinox is the perfect time to supplement yang energy (“Winter disease, Summer cure”, to dispel cold and tonify deficiency 冬病夏治,去寒補虛). Serve to the whole family in the morning before 11 a.m. daily and best to serve hot. Drinking this tea during the first week of spring is even better than consuming ginseng or cordyceps. Don’t miss out or you’ll have to wait until next spring! People who are prone to common colds are strongly encouraged to drink this tea. Cheers to a healthy and happy YOU!

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