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Root vs. Manifestation

When there is an imbalance in our body, there is disharmony, primarily the Qi and Blood of our channels and organs, which is the root cause of disease. Traditional Chinese herbs serve to treat the “root,” meaning the herbs nourish and strengthen our body’s vital organs to ensure smooth flow of Qi and Blood which boosts the body’s immune system so that pathogen or infection can be cleared. Our vital organs can then function and operate in preventing exterior attack and internal disease.

Treating the manifestation or surface means that whatever discomfort or pain a person experiences, medication is taken to alleviate the discomfort or pain. While this alone will please many people, often times, the medication will have to be re-administered to ensure that the pain or unpleasant symptom is pacified. The root cause of disease is never treated.

Traditional Chinese herbs breaks this pattern by strengthening the body’s vital organs so that it may perform its intended function hence the prevention and treatment of disease. When our body’s vital organs are functioning at optimum levels, our Qi is strong and pathogens cannot invade. When our organs are functioning properly, the Qi mechanism of each organ flows smoothly and there will be no disease.

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