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Healthy Brews For The Holidays

Holidays are usually centered around, you guessed it ... FOOD! All the delectable flavors that tingle and flirt with our palate is simply irresistible. Food brings people together onto the dinner table while we gather with our loved ones. The festive mood brings a warm fuzzy feeling to our hearts. We rekindle old memories while making new ones. It’s no wonder we gain a few pounds during the holidays.

Here’s some simple recipes to help you detox, cleanse, and lower lipid levels:

Hawthorn and Goji Berry Tea:


  • Propel blood circulation

  • Remove stagnation

  • Lower lipid levels

  • Lower blood pressure


  1. 10g. Hawthorn

  2. 8g. Goji Berries

  3. 600 cc water


  • Put all the ingredients into a casserole or pot

  • Add water and bring to a boil

  • Reduce heat, simmer for 10 minutes

How does Hawthorn and Goji berry tea reduce fat and has anti-aging properties? Aside from hawthorn berries being a digestive herb, it can reduce food stagnation from meat and greasy foods. The triterpenoids and flavonoids in hawthorn berries are especially good at lowering lipid levels. Goji berries can delay aging, promote cell regeneration, and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Wellness & Shape with Honey:


  • Detox and cleanse

  • Increase metabolic activity

  • Support healthy stomach function


  • Add daily recommended serving into a tumbler/water bottle/mug

  • Add raw honey, adjust to taste preference

  • Add water into the tumbler/water bottle/mug

  • Shake or stir

With 5 effective ingredients, the formula helps restore and revitalize your energy level while helping you detox and cleanse. Honey is a natural mild laxative so adding honey into Wellness & Shape can help lubricate your intestines and eliminate stored waste and toxins. This holiday season, Wellness & Shape is your best line of defense from the muffin top and stomach bulge you so desperately want to avoid!

*Check out the video. You can add a serving of Wellness & Shape into your favorite fruit smoothie, oatmeal cereal, protein shake, or juice.


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