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Easy Peasy Herbal Syrup: Kumquat Honey and Wellness & Shape

Ever wonder how you can be creative in turning the earthy taste of herbal powders into something more flavorful yet healthy too? Here’s is an idea that came to me last week when my mom brought several sweet and juicy kumquats from her own garden.

What you need:

Kumquats, Raw Organic Honey, Wellness & Shape (powder)

Ancient Wellness Herbs Detox and Cleanse Wellness and Shape

Steps to create yummy Detox and Cleansing Herbal Syrup that you can make a delicious and healthy cold drink or hot tea any time you want!

Step 1: Rinse the kumquats clean.

Step 2: Cut kumquats into thin slices.

Step 3: [Optional] You can cook the kumquats first, but I like them raw.

Step 4: Put them into a clean jar.

Step 5: Pour the honey into the jar and fill it until there’s only about 1 inch space at the top.

Step 6: Seal the jar and leave it in the refrigerator for 1-3 days or longer if you really want the kumquat essence infused in the honey.

Step 7: Mix the Wellness & Shape and the kumquat syrup in a 1:4 ratio if you want to turn it into a paste; 1:2 if you want it to be more like a syrup.

Step 8: Store the herbal paste/syrup in a tight sealed jar in the refrigerator. They are good to be consumed for up to 3 months.

Enjoy a on-the-go drink by adding 2-4 tbs (tablespoons) of the Wellness & Shape Syrup into warm-hot water as a tea. Or mix the syrup well with small amount of warm water and then add ice water to make it into a cold drink in the summer.

This is my on-the-go drink that takes less than a minute to make in the morning. A healthy and spirit lifting cocktail that I sip in the car while driving to work!

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