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Cholesterol and the effects of atherosclerosis

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What is cholesterol?

Most of us associate cholesterol with fatty foods but do you know that most of this waxy substance is actually made by our own bodies? This is indeed true. The liver produces 75% of the cholesterol that circulates in our blood. Only 25% comes from the food we eat. Although at normal levels, cholesterol has an important role in helping cells do their jobs. Cholesterol levels are dangerously high in more than 100 million Americans.

Dangers of high cholesterol

High cholesterol over time leads to plague buildup inside the arteries known as atherosclerosis. This condition narrows the space available for blood flow and can cause heart disease. This is dangerous because it can restrict blood flow. As the lumen narrows, blood pressure rises resulting in hypertension. Hypertension can lead to stroke, heart attack, or other health threats.

What contributes to high cholesterol?

  • Being overweight and obeses

  • Family history of high cholesterol

  • A diet high in saturated fats and cholesterol

  • Aging


Statins are usually prescribed to help control cholesterol levels. They block the production of cholesterol in the liver. Other options include cholesterol absorption inhibitors, and bile acid resins. A combination of these medications may also be recommended by your physician.


Dietary changes such as increasing your fiber intake, plant sterols, oats and barley, and green tea can all improve cholesterol levels.

Natural remedies

Some studies have suggested that garlic can help improve cholesterol levels along with turmeric, fenugreek seeds, spinach, artichoke leaf extract, salmon, beans, yarrow, fish oil, ginger, hawthorn, and holy basil.

Ancient Wellness’ CardiovascularWellness contains 23 potent herbal extracts that can help lower blood pressure and helps prevent atherosclerosis by gently clearing away the clogged arteries and restoring cardiovascular elasticity. It improves cardiovascular circulation and can ease stiffness and pain associated with high blood pressure. Supports healthy arterial function thereby reducing the many dangers associated with hypertension and other coronary heart diseases.

One of our key ingredients is Uncaria Vine (Gou Teng) which has been used for centuries in China to treat high blood pressure. Modern day science now knows this herb contains alkaloid and hirsutine which acts as a calcium channel blocker, lowering blood pressure by widening and relaxing blood vessels.

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Your heart is an important vital organ. It is the core of human life. When it is diseased, it affects other organs. Make sure you eat well, exercise regularly, and maintain moderate stress levels to ensure your heart health is well taken care of.

Taking care of yourself is the key to build a strong foundation for your life. It is probably something you know already, just don’t know how to begin, or too busy to act on it. We are offering an amazing opportunity for you to learn more about ways you can regain your natural healthy mind-body. We specialize in Western and Eastern herbal practice, which is a unique fusion style customizable to your needs and preferences! For a first FREE online or in-person consultation with no obligation to purchase, book your appointment via You can also use the following contact information to book your free appt. Limited availability. Get yours booked today~ 🏠Office: 2701 Harbor Blvd Unit E-1 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 United States 📧: ☎️: 602-888-6566

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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